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Welcome to the Port Renfrew Salmon Enhancement Society!

The Port Renfrew Salmon Enhancement Society's major objective was to enhance Chinook production in the San Juan river. The society operated a Chinook Net Pen project at Port Renfrew for 15 years from 2003 to 2018. In that time [15 years] the society raised and released 450,000 Chinook. The Chinook Net Pen project was terminated in 2019 by DFO. It was stated by DFO the project was causing too much stress on the community hatchery where the fry for the project had come from.  This project was operated by community volunteers from First Nations, local businesses, Fish and Game club members, and resident recreational fishers. All labour is provided on a voluntary basis. The expenses for the project were for infrastructure and fuel. Our main sponsors were the Pacific Salmon Foundation, the Local Valley and Cowichan Fish and Game Clubs and individual anglers.

Bob Gallaugher
President Port Renfrew Salmon Enhancement Society


Our Mission

Was to increase survival of Chinook salmon. In the local San Juan River it is currently about .5 of 1% and is similar to the survival rate in Washington State hatcheries. Proven technology and our past community advisor acknowledges we are getting at least 2 % survival with these ocean grow net pen raised Chinook. With a 15% exploitation rate for the recreational sector, 20% taken by SE Alaska and 15% by first nations and commercial sector that would leave 50% of the surviving Chinook to migrate up the San Juan river which would number around 300 to 400 mature Chinook. The last year of operation the society had built 2 new net pens with an increased capacity to rear 50% more Chinook [60,000 smolts]. This project is ready to start up again as soon as the DFO section head for Community Hatcheries gives approval.


In the News

  • September 2, 2014, PRESS RELEASE Port Renfrew Salmon Enhancement Society starts a five year Chinook Salmon Marking Program

    In cooperation with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the five-year coded wire tag program aims to prove higher survivability rates of hatchery bred/ocean net pen raised Chinook salmon fry.


Contact Information

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General Information: info@portrenfrewsalmonenhancement.ca
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